• Bio Seaweed Gel At-Home Starter Kit • Retail $110


    Retail price: $110     UAL Price: $35

    • The Starter Kit comes with a FREE U-LIGHT Mini 9W LED/UV Light. Designed to cure all gel products, this light features state of the art dual LED/UV power
    • Comes with 4 polishes: Charlottetown (pink), Ottawa (purple), Winnipeg (nude) and Clear, no-wipe top coat
    • 9 Watts
    • Cures all LED/UV gel products
    • No more light irritation to eyes
    • Especially designed for Bio Seaweed Gel products
    • Over 10,000 hours of use
    • No batteries or replacement bulbs required
    • Automatic timers: 30s and 60s
    • Compatible for gel manicures and pedicures

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